On Sound, 2014

We organised a workshop at Arcadia Missa with Trevor Mathison about sound design for film, and how audio can frequently be an often overlooked component of filmmaking.

Trevor Mathison is an artist primarily working with audio and digital media. He has been a member of noted artistic collectives such as Flow Motion, and the Black Audio Film Collective, and more recently continues to collaborate with artist and film maker John Akomfrah, creating “post-soul noise”. John Akomfrah explains in a recent interview for Sound & Music “These are sounds that take their cue from pre-existing black musics, be it dub or funk, but they’ve been defamiliarised, put through a sonic box that renders them strange and unusual”.

He has developed and composed sound for many critically acclaimed films including; The March 2013, The Stuart Hall Project 2013, Nine Muses 2010, Seven Songs for Malcolm X 1993, Testament 1988, and Handsworth Songs 1987.

Held at Arcadia Missa