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Consequences, 2017 A collaborative filmmaking project

Nuclear material is hazardous to living beings at all stages of the world nuclear supply chain, from the radioactive tailings produced by uranium mines to accidental reactor leaks, criticality incidents and spent nuclear fuel, to the looming threat of nuclear war. The nuclear industry is a globalised infrastructure consisting of mines, storage facilities, power plants, reprocessing facilities and war machines. Places where uranium is mined, processed and stored will remain hazardous to living beings for thousands of years. Future generations will need to be warned about their dangerous contents. There is no universal language, symbols change their meanings over time. The oral tradition of storytelling is the longest surviving archive there is.

Using the framework of the surrealist game consequences, we invite participants to make a collaborative film. Consequences is a tool to disrupt everyday logic through unpredictability and chance. We will use it to channel imaginary worlds, test boundaries and listen to our intuition. Groups will work together to make a film or sound work. A story for the future.

First London workshop held on Saturday 15 April 2017, 12 - 4pm, at Diaspore.space in Bermondsey, London, UK.

Second London workshop held on Saturday 17 June 2015, 12 - 5pm at Arts Catalyst in Kings Cross, London, UK.
Alice Springs workshop to be held on Sunday 16 July 2017, 12 - 5pm at Watch This Space in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.